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Mon 21 September 2020

PB Python Article Roadmap

Posted by Chris Moffitt in articles   

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September 17th is Practical Business Python’s anniversary. Last year, I reflected on 5 years of growth. This year, I wanted to take a step back and develop a guide to guide readers through the content on PB Python.

As of this writing, I have 84 articles on the site. They vary from fairly complex and lengthy to quick summaries. When I wrote them, I did it based on my interests at the time and without much thought on progression. Now that I have a decent volume of articles, I want to organize them in a more meaningful way.

My ultimate goal for this site is that I want it to be a resource to help people use Python to automate away many of the repetitive tasks they do on a daily basis with tools like Excel. A secondary goal for is to cover more advanced Python topics that are difficult to do in Excel.

One reason for developing this guide is that at least 90% of my traffic comes from organic search. These users come to the site, read an article and move on. I hope those that find this guide will stay a little longer and find other relevant content and use this as a resource to navigate the Python ecosystem.

Secondly, this guide will be useful to help me understand gaps in the content and keep a mental framework for continuing to develop content. My intent is to update the sections below as I add new content. I will also maintain a link at the top of the Archives page to point people in the right direction.

Getting Started with Python

Before you begin your Python journey, here are a couple of articles that are helpful for getting everything set up on your system:

Just as importantly, you need to think about how long this journey will take and what you may need to do to spread the knowledge within your organization:

Case studies are also a great way to understand how the Python ecosytem can be used to solve problems:

Data Science Topics

Data science is a broad category and many articles are related to various data science topics. These articles are more focused on specific data science tasks:

Site Updates

This section contains ad-hoc posts about the site and the technology behind it.