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Newsletter Number 5

Sent on Mon 05 August 2019

Welcome to all the new subscribers since the last list. We have now passed over 2,000 subscribers. Thank you! I hope you find the content useful.

PB Python Articles

Since it has been several months since the last update, here is a list of the most recent articles:

Other Python Notes

Here are a few other updates in the python ecosystem.

  • Pandas version 0.25 is out now . Do any of you have favorite features that you have started to use?
  • If you ever need to use a regular expression, check out for a really useful editor to help you test out and make sense of your own regular expressions.
  • If you are not following @justmarkham on twitter, you should. He has been putting out a lot of great pandas content. I can almost guarantee you will learn something from his tips.
  • Here’s a useful and easy to navigate python cheatsheet that covers more than just the standard library.

Visualization Tools

  • If you have ever struggled to customize a matplotlib plot, you might want to check out Pylustrator . Watch the short video to see how easy it is to use the GUI to customize a matplotlib plot.
  • I have written about plotly before but the new 4.0 release looks like it has a ton of changes that make it easier to use in standalone mode and has a more pythonic API.
  • Bokeh is also making major releases and has a new discourse site that seems to be pretty active.

Getting Your Feedback

If you have comments or ideas for topics you would like to see, don’t hesitate to reply to this email. I can’t guarantee I will reply but I will read all the emails.