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Mon 15 November 2021

16 Reasons to Use VS Code for Developing Jupyter Notebooks

Posted by Chris Moffitt in articles   

Visual Studio Code is one of the most popular text editors with a track record of continual improvements. One area where VS Code has been recently innovating is its Jupyter Notebook support. The early releases of VS Code sought to replicate existing Jupyter Notebook features in VS Code. Recent VS Code releases have continued to develop notebook features that provide an experience that in many cases is better than the traditional Jupyter Notebook experience.

I am a big fan of using Jupyter Notebooks for python analysis - even though there are limitations. For the type of adhoc analysis I do, the notebook combination of code and visualizations is superior to working with ad hoc Excel files. That being said, there are times when I wish I had a more full-featured editor for my notebook code.

In this article I will cover 16 reasons why you should consider using VS Code as your editor of choice when working with python in Jupyter Notebooks. I am not including them in any particular order but think number 11 is one of my favorites.