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Newsletter # 9 - Introducing the Roadmap

Sent on Mon 28 September 2020

It’s not too late to sign up for my free webcast Tips and techniques to move from Excel to Python. I hope to see many of you there!

If you do miss the live version, you can see a saved version as well.

I am excited about the content I have prepared. It will be heavy on code examples and practical applications of python and pandas.

Around the site

  • Taking Another Look at Potly is a summary of the latest Plotly activity. If you are still trying to find your preferred visualization platform, this article might help you investigate Plotly.
  • Reading HTML tables with Pandas is a walk through of scraping HTML tables and converting them to a pandas DataFrame. The biggest challenge is cleaning the data and I cover a handful of tips that should save you some time with your own data.
  • PB Python Article Roadmap is a long form index of all the posts on the site. If you haven’t looked at some of the older articles on the site, this will point you in the direction of some useful content.

Other useful news

  • This course in Information Visualization looks like a really good introduction using python and Altair.
  • I am a bit of a sucker for posts where non-IT professionals use python for real world problems. A Tax Attorney Uses Python is one of those shining examples of someone learning python so they can solve their own problems. There is no code in the article but I enjoyed seeing how varied the use cases were.
  • Seaborn just released v0.11. This release has a lot of new improvements. I have been using it in some of my projects and really enjoy the changes - especially the new displot() function. It is much easier to work with histograms now.

Final Words

Thanks for subscribing to the newsletter. If you are new to the newsletter, the archive of past issues is available. Also, feel free to forward this to others if they would like to subscribe.